New Dispensation of Panafricanism

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New Dispensation of Panafricanism

Novel Articulation of Panafricanism

The Revival of Panafricanism Forum is a tool through which a novel articulation of panafricanism in the 21st century is being promoted: the Vision for the Redemption of Africa. The vision is comprehensive, progressive, and holistic. It puts into motion the universal principle of unity that unfolds into eight dimensions constituting the eight pillars upon which rests the vision: philosophical, spiritual, cultural, educational, social, technological, economical, and political.
Panafricanism has always been a response to specific historical conditions and challenges facing Africa and its peoples, and therefore it is not a static construct. This concept is dynamic, evolves throughout history, espouses new forms, and enriches itself with new principles.  The Revival of Panafricanism Forum, in light of current challenges, promotes a new dispensation of panafricanism which stands upon new tenets,  namely Ubuntu, as the transcendental theory (cultural & linguistic unity of Africa), the fight against neocolonialism, for poverty alleviation, for African debt cancellation, for the Mobilization against corporate exploitation & struggle for corporate social responsibility, the promotion of Social business, the Spiritual unity of Africa and its people, for the Individual & collective freedom & responsibility, and for the Mobilization against the new Western humanitarian crusade.


The new dispensation of panafricanism is embedded in the Ubuntu (Humanness) Philosophy, a unifying vision of the world whose maxim is: “One is a person through other persons.” It contrasts with the European Cartesian view of the world: “I think therefore I am”. The values promoted through the implementation of the mission of the Forum are Ubuntu values such as: sharing, unity, togetherness, African citizenship, collective consciousness. Its collective ethos is set for collective goals for a common purpose and stands upon individual freedom, collective consciousness, community empowerment, communal responsibility, individual & collective self-reliance, and self-sufficiency.

Scope and method

The Revival of Panafricanism Forum is one among many tools of a designed action plan called The Vision Action Plan. It is also a roadmap to the Grand African Historical Reconstruction, or the architecture of the Vision for the Redemption of Africa. The organizers of the forum believe in making linkages with all organizations and also people that pursue in their own ways similar goals in order to help create a strong coalition to tackle the gigantic challenges facing Africa and the World African Union.