Poetically APPEALing

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Poetically APPEALing

These excerpt is from the presentation of Lasana Mack, Executive Director of Appeal, Inc during the Second Edition of the Thomas Sankara Annual Conference held in Washington, DC on October 12, 2013.

Poetically APPEALing (by Lasana K. Mack) © 2013

By Lasana K. Mack

May I have your attention please, with expedience? May I have your attention please?, with expedience I need to introduce you to the ingredients of a solution to a serious ill, not a shot or a pill, but APPEAL, Incorporated. APPEALing to you like David Walker’s appeal in 1830 to our people in the field and the house of cards stacked against us as we were stacked against each other under the deck-claration of liberty and justice…for all these years, still vibrant like greens in a garden well-watered with ancestor sweat & tears, trying to heal from the ordeal with whips, clubs, bars, shots, lots of calamity like poverty, unemployment, high like Africa’s mineral wealth—deployment, for other people’s profit and enjoyment, while our financial condition is dependent, on life support, in ICU (I-see-you) from check to check, struggling, everything spent, still spending…by Black people in America totals $1 trillion from every August thru July but we don’t produce what we buy or own where we bank, wealth saggin’ low as in critical condition losin’ blood with no flow coming through the tank; gassed out, broke ‘n down, cast out, nursed on a formula, for disaster, we gotta work smarter faster to stay alive, thrive, stop the bleeding, stop the needing! to rely what lies outside of our own masterful design, starting with masterful minds solving simple equations like, if Africa pioneered advanced cultured civilization, how was this plus Marcus Garvey equal...ly absent from my classroom education? And if Africa has the world’s richest lands, how can most Africans be broke? Exploitation centuries colonial mentalities yeah yeah Fela answered that riddle, serious as a joker with no joke, only the r rated reality of roots, royalty, regal richness, rituals, righteous, rhythms, riffs, rumblings, robbery, rape, regiments, rulers, ropes, resistance, ridicule, rudeboys, ringmasters, “ratchetness” raging, resilience, risin’, shinin’, grindin’, buildin’ ‘cause we got 1 trillion on an annual basis?, enough bucks to construct an oasis, recovering from racists, gotta be more productive than huffing and puffing on our multiplying problems, times (time’s) not solving them, divided by causes and effects of the system, though I know we got people ‘n factions ready to add r (our) fractions until we have won (one) some (sum) integral measurement of empowerment, we’re building it!, thru this new creation born from the womb of generations carried with strong backs all the way back from ancient tombs ‘n temples of knowledge of self—reliance in compliance with this prescription of a sober cure for a serious ill that can’t be cured with a shot or a pill, but can with a solution called…APPEAL
APPEAL, Inc. [Association of People for Pan-Africanist Economic Advancement thru Leverage]
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