Organizations and Advisors

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Organizations and Advisors


Wilfred David, Ph.D., Economist
Sulayman Nyang, Ph.D, Political Scientist
Pascal Sankara, Political Strategist

About the Team

The team of the Revival of Panafricanism Forum is intergenerational, multicultural, multiethnic, and multiracial. It represents the diversity of Africans, people of African heritage, and non Africans who strive daily for freedom, justice, and the development in Africa, and around the world. The members of the Revival of Panafricanism Forum operate on the basis of high standards of ethics, excellence, and selflessness, with a sense of service, sacrifice and strong attachment to team work. They have high expectations for themselves, for the organization, and for the World African Union. Loyal to the Ubuntu Maxim “A person is a person through other persons”, they understand that their individual success is connected to the success of others and that of the community they serve.

Endorsing organizations

The following organizations share the ideals of the Revival of Panafricanism Forum and have endorsed or have joined efforts with us to organize more than one conference:  Africa Alliance for the 21st Century, All-African People’s Revolutionary Party, Friends of the Congo, Appeal, Inc, Ivorian Popular Front-USA, and Answer Coalition.
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